Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another reason America's economy never fails!

When my talented nephew Min introduced me a company called Alibaba few years ago, I was not so excited of it's business scope. But it surprised me when I found more than a dozen trading Burmese companies were being listed with their products on it's website. The name alibaba itself is not so appealing to me since it seems associated with "theft", don't you? Today Alibaba enters the legendary New York stock exchange, where heavyweight businesses haboured. Jack Ma, who crafted 'Alibaba' from his tiny apartment in China in 1999, is the founder of today's $231 billions worth online trading business. According to NYSE, Alibaba is the first ever company with the biggest asset that entered in the history. Believe it or not, it's asset is now larger than eBay and Amazon combined!
Jack Ma is smart! He makes money from the third world like Burma and knows very well his asset value cannot be stable in the volatile third world. He makes sure his wealth stays in the solid financial world, which is not even in Europe; it is United States! How the hack of this guy who was born and raised in capitalism-prohibited communist country China knows how to grow business and find the financial safe haven?
In any given corner of any part of the world, Chinese and Indians are historically the leaders in shaping business and economy. This tradition will continue indefinitely; whether you agree/like it or not. Moreover they are smart in where to keep their money!
Decades ago, my classmate murmured the America 's economic leadership would go down in the history. It turned out that's not true when looked it it's tracking. Jack Ma has proven it!
This is another reason America 's economy never fails!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

From Scotland's referendum to Burma's Punglon Pact

Scottish citizens have voiced their future. U.S. and the West nervously followed the result. The fate of over 300 years of union fell in hands of Scottish and those who live in the region during the referendum. The 'no' vote is just 10 points but this historical political moment has changed the mentality of entire Great Britain. The Parliament has opened the doors of transparency and to grant much of the political autonomy to Scotland. 
Burma's historical "Punglon" Pact rectified by belated Bogyoke Aung San was not a mistake. He has a vision of future Burma. He knows all ethnic groups deserve full autonomy and have right to determine their own fates. His vision was never materialized. Prime minister U Nu, who succeeded him, blindly take the nation down into Buddhism-led autocratic state. Again, Gen Ne Win, downplayed the multi-ethnic plurality into 135 national ethnic groups with his hand-picked historians. This magical number created by Socialist Government is a grave mistake! Sadly, for many reasons, no one dare to challenge his indoctrination.
We all have to understand every piece of land in any given region/country on this planet is inhabited with immigrants. No single historian/archeologist can deny the fact of population migration to this day.
Political and ethnic leaders should respect and acknowledge the desire of their own citizens/people. Separation is not the answer to quit one's political superiority. But it is the duty of the governing body to grant the genuine and full autonomy to ethnic minorities. The idea of Federalism is great but it should be charted with pluralistic full autonomy.
Burma's standing Constitution will be challenged if the vision of the late BG Aung San does not materialize in the timely manner.