Monday, May 25, 2015

John Nash and Our Beloved the late Ko Min Aung

The Mathematician of the Century and icon who opened many doors to both artistic and today's science fields has left the world with his beloved wife. He has been named "genius" by many of his colleagues but lived simple. Although his down-spiraled mental illness led him to quieter times, his equation of equilibrium invented became a platform of our lives today.
Our beloved friend, Ko Min Aung, who left us decades ago shared the similar spotlight during 70's and 80's in Burma. He matriculated with the unparalleled highest score among nationwide high school exit examination in 1975 in Burma. He is probably a 'genius' according to a political science teacher of Rangoon Institute of Medicine. He was able to narrate every word of the text of the "Correlation of the Man and His Environment", the bible of socialist era, in very few days. Being an only son of army officers parents, he was raised by his aunt. His mother was one of earliest top 5 army officers who received training from the West Point. Known well to very handful of friends, he astounded us of his quick learning talent and ability to analyze the entire subject. He struggled with schizophrenia in his late life and died quietly before he earned his merit.

John F. Nash Jr., a mathematician who shared a Nobel Prize in 1994 for work that greatly extended the reach and power of modern economic theory and whose decadeslong descent into severe mental illness and eventual recovery were the subject of a book and a 2001 film, both titled “A Beautiful Mind,” was killed, along with his wife, in a car crash Saturday in New Jersey. He was 86.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

War against our own!

Burma is now back on world stage again. Orwellian "military-turn-civil" government again shows it's iron fist by "sending" boats of Rohingyas (including women and children) back to the open sea; with usual word 'cases of human trafficking'! This is very inhumane. The very next day, the Burmese president and high ranking ministers received fleet of visitors from the United States and even the ASEAN officials. Current ASEAN chair Malaysian foreign minister is visiting his Burmese counterpart to deliver the 'strong' message 'in person'. Visitors have 'good' words from their governments; which simply no doubt translate into "ultimatums". The world and even ASEAN point their fingers to the sole direction: Burma! All those international actions have one single message: Burmese government and some politicians are the root cause to this humanitarian crisis. ASEAN nations, Burmese government quotes them as "brothers", are now turning their fingers to Burma. Unbelievable!
What the shame we all Burmese are living with? Do we forget they are part of mankind? The military chief Min Aung Hlaing dictated those boat-people need to be inspected "first" where they belong to! These pathetic acts have once again overshadowed the lives of our Burmese and leave us in non-erasable shame.